CNR Holding subsidiary, Standart Fair Services Inc. was established in 1996 to provide quality and effective decoration and assembly services for exhibitions. The company maintains its activities in order to provide exhibitors with fixed or specially-decorated stands, additional materials and services at exhibition center to fulfill those with a reasonable budget and proper way and avoid wasting time.

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Modular Stands

We respond to basic stand application expectations of exhibiting companies in the fastest way through aluminum profiles and similar technical elements and available extra materials in a reasonable and quality manner. We produce monotype stand applications up to 20 thousand sqm area for your extensive and collective organizations in the most reasonable and quality way and provide exhibitors with the experience of mounting the area in a short time as 3 days and with the same quality at each exhibition.

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Special Designs

For exhibiting companies that prefer to participate in the exhibitions with specially-designed stands, our Design Studio architecture unit can create designs, which are affordable, exclusive and special for you. Our team of creative experts at Design Studio aims to provide you with designs that are fashionable and functional to add difference and competition power to your company to be the most suitable way for your company’s identity and your preferences under the most rational implementation conditions. Projected as for sale or rent, these offers are provided with exhibitors as “full implementation services”.

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Additional Materials

Standart Inc. gets its strength from its extensive information background which it has gained in the trade fairs area for long years. Producing at the closest position to the mounting area and saving for your company for its following participations, Standart Inc. removes the shipment risk thanks to its advanced equipment and the team of experts. Also, it has the expertise and service quality to provide your company with any technical and logistics services during the exhibition right away and on-site.

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